At Thyme-IT, we are proud to offer a range of purpose-built solutions to help importers and exporters manage their customs declarations more efficiently. Find out how our industry-leading software helps companies to save time, money, and resources, ensuring all declarations are HMRC-compliant.

Our Customs Declaration Software Solution

Our Import-Export software solutions include a range of features specially designed to support UK importers and exporters. These include, but are not limited to:

  • A secure, web-based portal for quick and easy data entry
  • Compatibility with a range of data formats, including XML, APIs, and Excel 
  • 2-way data exchange, allowing you to share real-time shipping information with your trading partners

Our cloud-based solution allows you to quickly and efficiently create import and export declarations, using templates, user default information, and reuse of previously entered customs data. 

You can then quickly and easily submit your import and export declarations to HMRC, individually or in bulk. Our software is fully integrated with the new Customs Declaration Service (CDS) system, so that you can submit your customs declarations with confidence.

UK Import Declarations

The Thyme-IT UK import declaration solution supports all your HMRC requirements, including full-frontier declarations, simplified declarations, and supplementary declarations on CDS.

Our import declaration software has been fully integrated with CDS since November 2021.

UK Export Declarations

Our UK export declaration software solution is fully integrated with the new Customs Declaration Service (CDS). 

You can create export declarations with our easy-to-use templates and submit them directly to HMRC. Our software supports all export declarations, including the EXS safety and security declaration.

Customs Declaration Creation

We offer multiple data entry options for our customers, allowing them to create customs declarations from existing spreadsheets, without having to manually copy information piece by piece. 

The Excel upload options are used by companies that may not have all their customs data in one system, but have their customs data available in Excel spreadsheets. These upload options allow declaration data to be uploaded, automatically creating one or more full declarations.

Bulk update of transport information is available for uploaded declarations, and declarations can then be easily submitted to HMRC, individually or in bulk.

The XML API option is used by companies who have existing systems that record their customs data. This API provides a 1-way or 2-way data exchange:

  • Customer system sends data to Thyme-IT system
  • Thyme-IT system returns data to Customer system

The data is validated upon upload to the Thyme-IT system and responses can be provided back to the customer’s system for correction and resubmission, or data can be corrected in the Thyme-IT system.

The declaration can be automatically submitted to HMRC if all data is included in the message, or additional data can be entered prior to submission if required.

Data Sharing

Thyme-IT provides a number of data sharing options, allowing customers to share data with their trading partners.

Data can be shared between systems, as well as exported into Excel, PDF, and other file formats. The exported reports can either be shared via email, or other communication channels upon receipt of routings and other responses from HMRC. These reports can also be automatically generated on a scheduled basis, including data for an agreed period of time based on trading partner requirements. 

The data sharing features of our customs declaration software can improve communication between your organisation and trading partners, helping operations to run more smoothly.

Customs Declarations: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit import and export declarations to the Customs Declaration Service (CDS)?

In order to submit customs declarations to CDS, you will need to register for CDS online service via the HMRC government portal. Once you have set up your account, you can either submit your import and export declarations directly, or use purpose-built software to allow you to submit multiple declarations at one time. 

Our customs software is fully integrated with CDS, so you can use our innovative solutions to expedite your customs declaration process and ensure that your documents are accurate and HMRC-compliant. Avoid costly delays or time lost on unnecessary admin by exploring our range of cloud-based solutions for import and export.

Should I be submitting customs declarations via CHIEF or CDS?

Our software can currently be used to submit customs declarations to both the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system and the Customs Declaration Service (CDS). 

However, users should be aware that after 4th June 2024, the CHIEF system will close and all subsequent declarations must be made via CDS. At the time of writing, the CHIEF system is still operational, although new users can no longer register for the system, and existing users are strongly advised to transition to the new CDS system as soon as possible.

How can I manage import and export declarations for my business?

Thyme-IT’s customs declaration software allows you to create, manage, and submit declarations for your import and export business, using just one intuitive online portal.

Compatibility with Excel means that you can upload data for multiple import or export declarations at once, and then submit them in bulk to CDS, saving valuable time and resources for your business. 

We also offer data sharing, so that you can give regular updates to your trading partners regarding live customs declarations. Our experienced team of experts is on-hand whenever you need customer support. 

Submit your customs declarations easily, accurately, and efficiently with Thyme-IT. To speak to a member of our team or book a no-obligations software demonstration, simply submit an enquiry via our Contact Us page.