CHIEF Extension – Limited exceptions process

Declarants have until Tuesday 4 June 2024 to move to the CDS. After this date, HMRC will be removing our Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system badge permissions. This means you will not be able to submit a new export declaration through CHIEF.

Limited exceptions process available from 1 May 2024

As a declarant, you can apply for a limited month-long exception period if you are unable to move to the CDS by 4 June 2024.

An exception will only be granted if you can’t move your export declarations to the CDS due to a HMRC IT functionality issue that is stopping your migration and won’t be resolved in time for you to migrate by 4 June. You will not be granted an exception for any other reason. For example, needing more time for business preparations or difficulty using a workaround will not be considered.

How can I apply for a CHIEF extension?

If you are confident your migration to the CDS is currently blocked due to an existing HMRC IT functionality issue, you can apply for an exception from 1 May 2024. To apply for an exception, you will need to send an email with the following information to

You will need to provide:

  • the name of your business
  • your contact details – including your name and phone number
  • your business’ EORI number
  • the reason you are applying for an exception
  • confirmation you have tried to migrate and the reason this was unsuccessful – including any references or notifications received from HMRC
  • any other relevant supporting information – including any previous emails from HMRC relating to the HMRC IT functionality issue that is blocking your

Applications should be submitted as soon as possible after 1 May 2024 to ensure your application can be assessed before the 4 June 2024 deadline. If you are granted an exception, you will have until 4 July 2024 to move all your export declarations to the CDS. By providing these details, you consent to HMRC retaining this information and using it for a reasonable period.

If your move to the CDS is not blocked by an existing HMRC IT functionality issue, but other factors are impacting your ability to be ready for 4 June 2024, please email for further help and support.

Helping you prepare for your move to the CDS for export

HMRC have recently published new guidance to help support your move to the CDS. This includes:

  • A declarant checklist for CDS exports – providing a step-by-step guide to the key actions you will need to take.
  • Example declarations for exports from Great Britain to the rest of the world – to help you complete your CDS export declarations.
  • CDS customs clearance instructions for exports videos – taking you through the key steps required to complete an export declaration.
  • CDS known error workarounds – please check this document for details of ongoing workarounds to help you submit customs clearance requests or
    customs declarations through the CDS.