NCTS5 Live on Thyme-IT

The Thyme-IT system has been updated to support NCTS5 declarations.

All Common Transit Convention (CTC) member countries are transitioning from NCTS Phase 4 to NCTS Phase 5. Ireland completed this move in February 2024, while the UK (HMRC) will follow suit in July 2024.

What do you need to have in place to submit NCTS5 declarations on Thyme-IT?

1- NCTS solution enabled on your account

2- A valid ROS Sub-Cert with C&E File permission. Please Note: for any NCTS-5 Imports/Exports sent where another declarant is used as the principle/declarant on the message, a sub-cert with C&E File permission linked to that trader’s TIN/EORI will be required.

Thyme-IT offers a robust set of training webinars and pre-made templates to help with a smooth transition to NCTS5. Support is available to all Thyme-IT customers on +353 1 2060010 or via email at

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