CDS Exports – Open to All Routes

Attention UK Exporters! You can move all your export declarations to the Customs Declaration Service from Monday 4 March.

All businesses will be able to move all their export declarations from our Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system to the Customs Declarations Service (CDS) from Monday 4 March. This includes declarations for all goods that move through all routes – including inventory linked maritime locations.
HMRC have previously said that you should move your exports declarations to the CDS by Saturday 30 March 2024. Following discussions with the border industry, HMRC understand some businesses may need more time. For this reason, HMRC have agreed that you will have until Tuesday 4 June 2024 to move to the CDS. After this date you will no longer be able to submit customs declarations through CHIEF.
Over 100 million customs declarations have already been successfully submitted through the CDS so far with over 30% of all export declarations already submitted in this way. HMRC recommend that you move your export declarations to the CDS as soon as you are able to do so.

Actions to take

  1. subscribe to the Customs Declaration Service so you will be able to submit export declarations from your software to the Customs Declaration Service. If
    you have already subscribed to CDS for imports, you do not need to subscribe again to CDS for exports.
  2. contact the software provider you will be using to submit your export declarations through CDS to see if:
    • you can authorise your software so that you are ready to submit export declarations through CDS; and
    • start using their software to access the HMRC free Trader Dress Rehearsal.
  3. If you do not have a software provider, you can find details of software providers providing CDS exports software.
  4. Once you are comfortable submitting export declarations in the Trader Dress Rehearsal Service you should then start submitting all your export declarations through the CDS.

Attend HMRCS’s next CDS exports webinar

To help you with your move to the CDS, HMRC would like to invite you to attend our next webinar on Thursday 7 March 2024 at 9.45am. The webinar will cover the topics listed below.

  • Pre-requisites for moving to the CDS
  • Getting access to the CDS
  • Understanding CDS declaration requirements
  • Support to help you make the move, including testing
  • CHIEF Closure

You will also be able to ask questions during the webinar using an on-screen text box. To reserve your place, please sign-up to the next webinar. Signing up will also ensure you receive useful links and a recording of the webinar following the event.

HMRC ‘Make and Manage an Export Declaration Online’ service now available

If you currently use the National Export System web service (NESweb) to submit your export declarations through CHIEF, you will be able to use the HMRC ‘Make and Manage an Export Declaration Online’ service that will also launch on GOV.UK on Monday 4 March.
This new service is targeted at small and medium sized businesses and allows you to submit export declarations through the CDS and replaces NESweb.
HMRC will contact existing NESweb users separately about joining this service. If you do not currently use NESweb but would be interested in using this new service instead of third-party software, then you will be able to find further details on the HMRC ‘Make and Manage an Export Declaration Online’ page on GOV.UK.

Further information

We will also have a limited month-long exceptions period in place for any declarants that are unable to move to the CDS by 4 June 2024. There will be strict restrictions around who can apply for an exception. Further details about this exceptions process and the application process will be communicated in April.
If you have any questions, including help with subscribing to CDS, please contact HMRC using one of these channels, or speak to your Account Manager or Customer Compliance Manager if you have one. You can also report a problem when using the CDS on GOV.UK. If your problem is considered urgent, you’ll receive a response within two hours. All other problems will be responded to within 24 hours.