AIS-V2: Upgrades to the Automated Import System

Number: Ref: 07/2024
Subject: Upgrade to AIS (Automated Import System) to introduce: New data set and messages and Centralised Clearance for Import (CCI)
Who should read: All those involved in Import procedures
Related Notification: 28/2023
Issued by: eCustoms Helpdesk
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Issue Date: 23 February 2024

1. AIS-V2 Introduction
In 2025, as part of the Union Customs Code (UCC) Work Programme, Revenue will be upgrading Revenue’s existing Automated Import System (AIS) to AIS-V2. This upgrade is being deployed to introduce a new data set and new messages (Revised Annex B). It will also introduce Centralised Clearance for
Import Phases 1 and 2 simultaneously.

2. Key Date:
Key dates for the release of AIS-V2 including Centralised Clearance for Import are as follows:

  • Go Live and start of transition period – 24 February 2025
  • End of Transition period – 23 April 2025

3.Trader Specifications
In June 2023, all software providers were advised of the publication of the AIS-V2 technical specifications. Updated Trader Specifications, Schemas and WSDLs will be published in the coming weeks. Public Interface Testing (PIT) will be open to software developers in Q3 2024, and Revenue will notify you of the availability of PIT closer to the time.

4. Trader Outreach
The upgrade of AIS means that all players engaged in electronic messaging for customs import procedures will be impacted and must have the capacity to interact with the upgraded import system. Revenue will shortly begin its engagement with traders to facilitate and support them in moving to AIS-V2.

5. Further Information
Please email us at with any queries in relation to this notification.