NCTS-P5 Update: New Go-Live Date

Irish Revenue shared an important announcement today regarding the deployment of their new transit system, NCTS-P5. Please note that this announcement might have implications for businesses operating in international trade.

NCTS-P5 Deployment Deferred:

Irish Revenue recently announced that the deployment of their new transit system, NCTS-P5, has been deferred to 30th November. Initially planned for Monday, 6th November, the deployment still includes a three-month transition window for trade to move across from Phase 4 to Phase 5.

In the final steps of deployment of the new system, Revenue detected an issue which would impact the smooth and intended functioning of the system. To avoid any negative consequences of the deployment of the new system, especially having regard to the international nature of NCTS, its deployment is being deferred to 30 November. In the interim, Revenue aims to resolve the issue of concern.

The intended transition window of three months for trade is being retained. This means that trade can move across to NCTS-P5 up until end February 2024.

Revenue apologises for any inconvenience this deployment deferral may cause you and thanks you for your cooperation.

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