NCTS5 UK – New Key Dates

The Common Transit Convention (CTC) authority have recently announced a significant update regarding the implementation of the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS-P5). Originally slated for November 2023, the UK government has now set 1 July 2024 as the new deadline for the adoption of NCTS5.

The decision has been made to allow ample time for businesses and customs authorities to adapt to the changes and ensure a smooth transition.

What are the implications of the new implementation date for NCTS5?

You should continue to use the current NCTS system until the cutover to NCTS5 on 1 July 2024. This extended timeline allows customs authorities and businesses to implement the necessary changes smoothly. It provides additional time for training staff on the new system, upgrading supporting software, and establishing efficient processes.

The HMRC Trader Test environment remains open and will be switched into Transitional mode on 11 October 23, as planned. Those who are building software should continue with development and testing to align with the revised implementation date.

HMRC will continue to work closely with stakeholders to support their preparations and will continue to issue regular email updates about NCTS5.

Need help with NCTS5?

NCTS5 is coming to Thyme-IT! We will bring you our signature webinar and pre-made templates to help with a smooth transition to the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS-P5). Support is available to all Thyme-IT customers on +44 161 710 1890 / +353 1 206 0010 or via email at

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