Upgrade of Revenue’s Export Declaration System – AES

Number: Ref: 18/2023
Subject: Upgrade of Revenue’s Export Declaration System – AES
Who should read: All those involved in Export Declarations including Software Providers
Related Notification: N/A
Issued by: eCustoms Helpdesk
Queries to: eCustoms@revenue.ie
Issue Date: 23 June 2023

Revenue is making some minor system changes to our export declaration system, Automated Export System (AES). The changes will be implemented in a release which will go live on 3 July 2023.

This release includes updates to two business rules. It also includes EU mandated changes that were advised to software developers 17 February 2023.

Further details of the changes are detailed below and full details of the RFCs are available in the guidance document. Please contact eCustoms Helpdesk (eCustoms@revenue.ie) or UCC IT Development team (UCCITDEV@revenue.ie) If you have any questions in relation to these changes.

Business Rule Change

AES has been updated to correctly apply R0364 in relation to CC515C and CC513C message. This rule provides clarification in relation to Packaging details on the Export Declaration, e.g. where there are multiple items in one package, each data item must state the same information under shipping marks i.e. if item 1 states ‘As addressed’ Item 2 (if in the same package as item 1) must state ‘As addressed’.

A maximum of two Additional Taric codes are permitted, e.g. for Anti-Dumping or further defining the commodity as determined by TARIC. Codes relating to export restrictions e.g. Cxxx or Yxxx shall be declared in the corresponding data elements of Supporting Documents and Additional Reference.

EU Mandated Changes

RFC – 134
Data Group for Supervising Customs Office (17 10 000 000) has been added to CC515C and CC513C as ‘Optional’ and a new Guideline, G0187, has been included to identify when this data element should be completed.

RFC – 135
Data Group Transport Document (12 05 000 000) will continue to be available at Goods Item level after the Transitional Period (currently set as 01.12.2023). This will impact the following messages:

  • CC507C, CC513C, CC515C, CC570C, CC573C, CC613C, CC615C

As a result of this change, Guideline G0989 and Rule BR2400 will be removed, and a new Guideline will be added G0825.

RFC – 136
The description of Rules R0222 and R0364 have been enhanced to avoid cases where gross mass
quantity is missed. In addition to this, two new rules, R0219 and R0220, have been included to
address situations where goods are packed together. The following messages are impacted by these

  • CC513C, CC515C, CC613C, CC615C

Three additional Transitional Period rules have also been added B1819, B1919 and B1964 to avoid
any possible upgrade issues of CC515A, CC513A during the Transition period.

RFC – 141
Enhancement of Condition C0824 attached Data Element ‘Container Indicator’ is required to take into consideration the cases of Pre-lodged Simplified Declaration (additional declaration type ‘F’) when defining the optionality of ‘Container Indicator’. This enhancement will impact the CC511C message.