New Automated Export System (AES)

The new Automated Export System (AES) is going live on 21
March 2023. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Automated Export
System (AES).

Migrating from AEP to AES

Revenue’s AEP (Automated Entry Processing) system is being
replaced by the new Automated Export System (AES). The Migration Window is from
21 March 2023 to 21 May 2023. AEP will be closed to new Export Declarations
from 22 May 2023.

The new Automated Export System will replace:

  • export declarations into AEP
  • export manifests into AEP eManifest
  • indirect exports into the Trans-European Export Control

From 4 September 2023 it will no longer be possible to make
amendments to declarations lodged to AEP.  Any amendments to AEP export declarations will
have to be completed by contacting the relevant Revenue export office.

Preparing for new Automated Export System (AES)

The Thyme-IT AES solution is available to all customers. To
get your company prepared, consider the following:

  • Watch the AES Thyme-IT Webinars
  • Read the AES Guides provided by Revenue (AES
    Trader Guide
    /AES Business Rules & Conditions/AES Code lists)
  • Prepare for any internal system change
  • Communicate with the traders you represent and a
    direct and indirect basis
  • Communicate with your carriers and make sure
    they have a valid EORI code

What is new with AES?

A new Dataset is being introduced with the Automated Export
System (AES), aligned to the Revised Annex B as depicted in EUCDM V6.2 .Additionally, there is a new structure
to the declaration compared to the SAD, new naming of Data Elements and some
new national rules & requirements. 

AES also introduces new or improved functionality:

  • 2 Export Declaration Types – Normal and Pre-Lodged (an
    Export Declaration up to 30 days before the presentation of the goods)
  • Re-Export Notification
  • Simplified and Supplementary Declaration
  • Greater interface with EMCS for goods under duty
  • Caters for Export followed by Transit

Do you need help with new Automated Export System (AES)?

Thyme-IT is ready to help and provide our customers with a smooth
transition to the new AES.Contact us now:Phone:+353 1 2060010Email:

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