Export Release Verification Service (ERVS)

Revenue is introducing the Export Release Verification Service
(ERVS), which is part of the new process flow to confirm the exit of goods from
the EU.

What is the purpose of the Export Release Verification Service

  • The ERVS verifies  if a given MRN is
    in a status which permits movement of the goods, allowing the carrier or agent
    to act accordingly.
  • The ERVS can act as an arrival confirmation (IE507 – arrival at
    exit) for LoLo and Air movements. This allows the user to notify Revenue that
    the goods have arrived at the point of exit and fulfils the arrival at exit
  • The ERVS can also act as a departure confirmation (IE590- exit
    notification message). Where goods are exiting the EU from an Irish Customs
    Office, the ERVS will advise the user if an Exit notification message must be
    lodged. Where an Exit notification message is required, the carrier or agent
    can use the ERVS to fulfil this requirement.

use of the Export Release Verification Service (ERVS) by the Trader at Exit is
not mandatory. However, where traders use the ERVS, they will not need to
submit and Arrival at exit (IE507) message or an Exit notification (IE590)
message. Revenue will re-use the data provided to fulfil this requirement.

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