AES live on Thyme-IT

The new Irish Automated Export System (AES) is now available in the Thyme-IT C&E Solution for traders who submit Irish Export Declarations and Export Manifests.

Irish Revenue introduced the new national export system, Automated Export System (AES) on 21 March 2023. AES will be used to process export declarations and exit summary declarations for all goods moving directly and indirectly to countries outside the European Union (EU).

The new Irish Automated Export System (AES) replaces the Automated Entry Processing (AEP) and the eManifest system with a transitional period ending on 21 May 2023. From this date, it will no longer be possible to lodge declarations in the AEP or eManifest systems.

Key changes

Traders using the new Automated Export System (AES) will see the introduction of new or improved functionalities:

  • New Dataset
  • Two Export Declaration Types – Normal and Pre-Lodged (up to 30 days before the presentation of the goods)
  • Re-Export Notification
  • Simplified and Supplementary Declaration
  • Greater interface with EMCS for goods under duty suspension
  • Caters for Export followed by Transit
  • Consignments of low-value goods

An export declaration is not required to export the following:

  • Goods of a commercial nature, if they do not exceed either €1,000 in value or 1,000kg in weight.
  • Goods in a postal consignment valued at €1,000 or less.
  • Goods in an express consignment valued at €1,000 or less, if data in the transport document and, or invoices are available to Revenue.

This does not apply to goods that:

  • Are subject to prohibitions and restrictions or
  • Are being returned with a view to claiming a refund of duties.
  • Transition from AEP to AES

Thyme-IT offers a robust set of training webinars and pre-made templates to help with a smooth transition to the new Irish Automated Export System (AES). Support is available to all Thyme-IT customers on +353 1 2060010 or via email at

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