Update following AIS outage between December 15-17

Number: Ref: 08/2023

Subject: Update following AIS outage between December 15-17

Who should read: All those involved in the submission of customs declarations

Related Notification: eCustoms Notification 52-2022 and eCustoms Notification 02-2023

Issued by: eCustoms Helpdesk

Issue Date: 22 February 2023


In reference to the outage that impacted our import declaration system – AIS – between 15-17 December
and related notifications mentioned above.

As a result of the outage, import declarations that had been submitted and fully released prior to
18.45 on Thursday 15 December 2022 were not directly accessible or available to you in our system.
This meant that you were not able to submit amendment, invalidation and refund requests into AIS
relating to those declarations. Measures were introduced as per previous notifications which
temporally addressed the issue of urgent refund claims.


Revenue has now implemented an upgrade to AIS ensuring that all declarations that were in a
‘released’ status prior to 15 December 2022 are now available and accessible in AIS. You can now
submit amendment, invalidation and refund requests in respect of these declarations. If you made a
manual application for an ‘urgent amendment/invalidation/refund’ (as per eCustoms Notification 52-2022) and
this has not yet been processed, you can now make this application electronically on AIS as normal.

Please note any declaration which was not at a ‘released’ status prior to 18.45 on 15 December is
being managed separately.

Revenue is in direct contact with declarants who have such declarations.
Revenue again apologises for the disruption to normal operations and thanks you for your patience
and co-operation.