Technical specifications to engage with the eCustoms Accounts System

Number: Ref: 07/2023

Subject: Technical specifications outlining the structure of ROS REST web services available to engage with the eCustoms Accounts System.

Who should read: All those involved in the verification of software packages being compatible with C&E accounts software

Related Notification: eCustoms Notification 40-2022

Issued by: eCustoms Helpdesk

Issue Date: 22 February 2023

eCustoms Notification 40-2022Revenue has now published the ROS REST web services document which facilitates the retrieval of
reports for Importers & Payers for C&E from the new accounts system through their own software. This is available at the following link:
Further information in relation to PIT can be accessed via the following link:

Queries relating to the content of this notification should be directed to the eCustoms Accounts Unit: