Updated Go-Live AES Date

As part of the
Union Customs Code (UCC) Work Programme, Revenue had planned to deploy its new
Export System, known as the Automated Export System (AES), to replace our
existing AEP export system and export eManifest on 30 January 2023. Revenue
have been working collaboratively with all stakeholders in the export supply
chain towards this end.

In early January
Revenue received a series of requests from the EU Commission, DG TAXUD, for
changes to the AES systems specifications. The requested changes primarily
impact internal messages between Revenue, the EU Commission and other
Member States, but there are changes that impact some trader messages. Given
the late receipt of these change requests and to allow adequate time for the
upgrading of Revenue and trader systems, the new system will not now become
operational until 21 March 2023.  

Revenue will
maintain the two-month migration window to facilitate trade in the move from
AEP to AES. The new dates are:

  • Go-Live of AES – 21 March 2023
  • End of Transition Period – 21 May

Revenue’s Customs
team will contact software houses directly in the next few days regarding the
changes to the specifications. Revenue’s trader outreach programme
involving all stakeholders in the export supply chain will continue.

If you have any queries in relation to the AES deferral or if you have any queries regarding AES, please email Revenue at: