EU Singapore Free Trade Agreement – preferential origin

Number: Ref: 50/2022

Subject: EU Singapore Free Trade Agreement –
preferential origin

Who should read: All those involved
in lodging electronic customs declarations

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Notification 021 2019 EU Singapore Free Trade Agreement – preferential origin

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Issue Date: 21 December 2022



EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA) entered into force on 21 November 2019. 

On 20
December 2022, the Committee on Customs of the FTA between the EU and Singapore
adopted Decision No 1/2022 amending the Origin Protocol of that FTA.  

Decision covers the following elements:

1. From 1
January 2023, for EU exporters, the system of ‘Approved Exporters’ is replaced
by the system of ‘REX Registered Exporters’.

2. From 1
January 2023, importers in Singapore have to claim the tariff preference by
means of statements on origin made out by EU REX Registered Exporters, indicating
their REX number and no longer by means of ‘origin declarations’ indicating an
Approved Exporter authorization number. 

Considering that both Parties are to apply a system of registered exporters,
the document on origin made out in the Parties is renamed from ‘origin
declaration’ to ‘statement on origin’. 

4. The
Decision provides for a transition period which ensures that Singapore customs
will still accept ‘origin declarations’ made out by EU Approved Exporters until
31 March 2023.  

A claim for
preferential tariff treatment by an EU exporter can be made by means of a
statement on origin:  

(i) by an
EU Registered Exporter in the REX system or 

(ii) by an
EU exporter for any consignment consisting of one or more packages containing
originating products whose total value does not exceed 6 000 euro.  

A claim for
preferential tariff treatment can be made by means of a statement on origin by
a Singapore exporter who is: 

registered with the competent authority in Singapore and who has received a
Unique Entity Number; and 

complying with relevant regulatory provisions in Singapore pertaining to making
out of statements on origin. 

origin can be claimed if the products concerned are originating in the Union or
in Singapore. The exporter shall be prepared at all times to submit, at the
request of the customs authorities of the exporting Party, all supporting
documents proving the originating status of the products.

A statement
on origin shall be made out by the exporter by typing, stamping or printing on
the invoice, the delivery note or another commercial document, the statement on
origin, the text of which is: 

The exporter of the products covered by this document (customs or
competent governmental authorisation No … (1)) declares that, except where
otherwise clearly indicated, these products are of … (2) preferential origin.


(3) (Place and date) 


(4) (Signature of the exporter, in addition the name of the person
signing the statement on origin has to be indicated in clear script) 

(1) When the statement on origin is made out in the Union by a REX
Registered Exporter, the REX number must be entered in this space. When the
statement on origin is not made out by a REX Registered Exporter, the words in
brackets shall be omitted or the space left blank. When the statement on origin
is made out by an exporter in Singapore, the Unique Entity Number must be
entered in this space. 

(2) Origin of products to be indicated. When the statement on origin
relates to products originating in the Union, the exporter shall use the symbol
‘EU’. When the statement on origin relates in whole or in part, to products
originating in Ceuta and Melilla, the exporter must clearly indicate them in
the document on which the statement on origin is made out by means of the
symbol ‘CM’. 

(3) These indications may be omitted if the information is contained on
the document itself.  

(4) In cases where the exporter is not required to sign, the exemption
of signature also implies the exemption of the name of the signatory.  

If the
statement on origin is hand-written, it shall be written in ink in capital
characters. Statements on origin shall bear the original signature of the
exporter in manuscript.  

Registered Exporter is not required to sign statements on origin. 

A statement
on origin may exceptionally be made out after exportation (‘retrospective
statement’) on condition that it is presented in the importing Party no later
than two years, in the case of the Union, and one year, in the case of
Singapore, after the entry of the goods into the territory. 

2. Import
Declaration Codes 

To claim
preferential origin upon release for free circulation in the EU the following
codes need to be used: 

• DE 4/17
(Preference) in AIS should contain the code ‘300’. 

• DE 5/16
(Country of Preferential Origin code) should have ‘SG’ entered as the country
of origin. 

• In DE 2/3
(Documents Produced, Certificates and Authorisations and Additional
References), code N864 should be used.  

3. For queries on the content of this notification please contact:

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Customs Division.

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