AIS functionality update for live release in January 2023

Number: Ref: 48/2022

Subject: AIS functionality update for live release in January 2023 

Who should read: All those involved in Import Declarations including Software Providers

Related Notification: N/A

Issued by: eCustoms Helpdesk

Issue Date: 20 December 2022

Revenue is making some minor system changes to our import declaration system Automated Import System (AIS). The changes will be implemented in a release which will go live during the week commencing 9th January 2023. The functionality will be available to you to test in our test environment (PIT) from 20th December 2022. We will give five days’ advance notification of the go-live date.This release will introduce technical changes only. The technical changes will not require you to provide any additional or new data. It will result in the stricter application of some business rules in particular where IOSS is declared. The changes may cause some declarations to be rejected. It is important that you understand the impact of the changes on your supply chain and are ready for these changes.A summary of the main changes are highlighted below with full technical details to be found in the Annex.If you are an Importer, Declarant or an AIS Software Provider, you should take note of the following:End Use goodsWhere you import goods that require an End Use authorisation and you do not have a full authorisation to use End Use, AIS will now allow you to use NAI as a valid certificate ID. The declaration will no longer be rejected by the system.Advance routing notification in respect of a pre-lodged declarationAIS will now verify both the Declarant’s and Importer’s AEO status on a pre-lodged customs import declaration. Where either party is AEO, a prior notification of a yellow, orange or red routing will issue to the declarant.
Validation of IOSS Numbers
The IOSS number declared on a H1 or H7 declaration (IM415) will be validated. If the IOSS number is not in the correct format the customs import declaration will be rejected. Full details of the format of the IOSS number are contained in the Annex.If you are making a customs declaration amendment request (IM413) the previous format for IOSS if declared on IM415 (an2 MS Country code + an15 MS reg number) and the new format above will be accepted.Transport Document Number on H7 and the weekly and monthly C & E statementsAIS will include the last transport document ID declared in DE 12 05 000 000 “Transport document"
declared at Goods Shipment or Government Agency Goods Item Level on the weekly transaction list
and monthly statements for C&E.