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Export Safety and Security Declaration (EXS)

What is an EXS?

The Irish Export Safety and Security Declaration (EXS) is now live on Thyme-IT for those who have the Irish Import and Export Declarations solution.

As the carrier of goods, you are legally obliged to ensure that an electronic customs Safety and Security (S&S) declaration is submitted to Irish Customs. This must be submitted prior to export from Ireland. This declaration is called an Exit Summary Declaration (EXS).

Who needs to submit an EXS?

The S&S information can be completed by the exporter or their agent, as it can be combined with their transit declaration.

If you are moving goods using a RoRo service (accompanied), you are considered the carrier. Therefore, you must ensure the EXS has been submitted for all goods on board of the vehicle.

If the S&S information is not included in the transit declaration, you must submit the electronic declaration to the Irish Customs via Thyme-IT or, alternatively, a customs broker acting on your behalf.

If you are moving goods using a RoRo ferry service (unaccompanied), the ferry service operator is considered the carrier. The operator is legally obliged to ensure the EXS is submitted for all unaccompanied goods on board. Other parties in the supply chain can complete this.

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