Declaring certificates and licences on Import Declarations

Notification Ref: 39/2022

Subject: Goods that require a Common Health Entry Document (CHED), Certificate of Inspection for Organic Conformity (COI), ODS licence or F Gas HFC Quota
Who should read: All stakeholders who import goods subject to presentation of the certificates/licences mentioned above
Related Notification(s): 36/2022
Issued by: eCustoms Helpdesk
Issue Date: 23 September 2022

Reminder of changes to how you must now declare certificates and licences on Import Declarations – advised to you in eCustoms Helpdesk Notification Ref: 36/2022 – AIS Functionality Update for Live Release in early October 2022.

The release into live of these changes is scheduled for the week commencing 3 October 2022. You need to ensure you are ready for these changes or you will encounter problems in submitting your import declaration.
The release will introduce a business rule that will prevent a declarant declaring any of the certificates or licenses mentioned above being declared at goods shipment header level in D/E 2/3. The specific certificates or licenses must be declared at goods shipment item level.

We are aware from recent analysis that a significant number of traders continue to declare the specific certificates or licenses at goods shipment header level. We wish to remind these traders that if you try to declare any of these certificates or licenses at goods shipment header level after the release goes live, you will receive a functional error and your declaration may be rejected.

Further Information

Any queries regarding completion of the AIS Import Declaration may be directed to the
eCustoms Helpdesk at email