GVMS live on Thyme-IT

From 20 January 2022, Thyme-IT customers are up and running with the new Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS).

This solution allows declaration references to be grouped together and the GVMS entry to be sent to HMRC without logging into your UK Government Gateway account.

An added benefit is that you do not need a UK Government Gateway account for each user – a single account will suffice.

What is GVMS?

GVMS is a UK Government platform that manages all the shipment for movements into or out of Northern Ireland and Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales). The main functions of GVMS are to:

  • Provide the pre-lodged declarations of the goods at the GVMS-linked ports instantly. This information is obtained with the help of the unique GMR of the vehicle. Each GMR number can only be used once.
  • Inform the users about the clearance status of their goods to be imported or exported.
  • Automatically update the HMRC system about the declarations of the goods to be imported or exported.

Who should register?

You will need to register if any goods you bring into or take from the UK are through a port using the Goods Vehicle Movement Service.

Ports using the Goods Vehicle Movement Service to control goods will need pre-lodged declaration references to be linked together within a single goods movement reference.

What to do with your GMR?

The goods movement reference needs to be presented at the port you are leaving from. The carrier will allow you to embark if the GMR provided is valid. You can use your goods movement reference number in the ‘check if you need to report for an inspection’ service to check whether your goods are being held.

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