Thyme-IT live with PBN

The new Thyme-IT Pre-Boarding notification (PBN) system is live from 25 February 2022. Customers are able to generate a PBN via the system and access the new functionality which allows for the import of data from existing AIS Import and ICS declarations.

What is a PBN?

A PBN enables customs to provide one single instruction to be followed by the driver on arrival at an Irish port. Each PBN has a unique identifier called the PBN ID.

Vehicles will only be allowed to board the ferry with a valid PBN at a status of ‘Good to proceed to Check-In’. If these conditions are not met, vehicles will be instructed to leave the port area.

Who should create a PBN?

The creation of the PBN is the responsibility of the haulier or their delegated supply chain partner (the declarant, importer, exporter, clearance agent or logistics company).

When must the PBN be completed?

The declaration of the PBN must be completed in advance of the vehicle/trailer being checked in at the ferry port of departure in the third country for inbound movements into Ireland or the ferry port of departure in Ireland in the case of outbound movements from Ireland.

A training webinar is available to all Thyme-IT customers explaining the PBN solution and what is required when creating PBN entries.

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