Limited Availability Of Customs Cash Account Top-Up Service

Notification Ref:  57/2021

Subject: Limited availability of Customs Cash Account Top-Up Service

Who should read: All those involved in importing goods into Ireland where they are using a Customs Cash Account

Related Notification(s): None

Issued by: eCustoms Helpdesk

Issue Date: 18 November 2021

Holders of Customs and Excise Cash Accounts can top-up their accounts 7 days per week. This is the account from which Revenue deducts tax and customs due when traders, who do not hold a deferred account, are importing goods.

Over the next two weekends, Revenue is upgrading our internal accounting systems that support this top-up function. This will result in downtimes of those systems. This means that any top up you make during the downtime periods will not be shown in your account, or available to pay tax and customs amounts due, until the system is back in operation.

The downtime is scheduled for:

  • 19.00 hrs on Friday 19th November until 07.00 hours on Monday 22nd November
  • 19.00 hrs on Friday 26th November until 07.00 hours on Monday 29th November

If you are importing goods where tax and customs duties are payable and there are insufficient funds in your Customs Cash account, then your goods will not be Customs cleared. In order to minimise delays in the clearance of your goods, it is important that you ensure that your Customs Cash Account has sufficient funds to meet all tax and duties due on goods being imported over each of the two weekends. The top-up function will be available between the upgrades from Monday 22nd November and Friday 26th November.

Traders who are importing goods over the week-end periods should ensure that they have sufficient funds in their Customs Cash accounts by 19.00 hours on Friday 19th November and Friday 26th November respectively.

3. For queries on the content of this notification please contact:

eCustoms Accounts Unit