AIS Functionality Update

Notification Ref: 52/2021

Subject: AIS Functionality Update

Who should read: All those involved in Import Declarations and the verification of software packages with UCC Software.

Related Notification(s): None

Issued by: eCustoms Helpdesk

Issue Date: 18 October 2021

Revenue is making some minor system changes to AIS in a release which will go live in early November. This release will be available in our test environment (PIT) on the 20 October. We will give 5 days' advance notification of the go live date.

This release involves some minor system changes to AIS. The changes are mainly technical and will not result in businesses having to provide any additional or new information. However, it will mean stricter application of some business rules resulting in some declarations being rejected.

High level details are provided below with full details in the Annex below.

If you are the Importer or Declarant, the following system changes may impact when you submit an amendment to your import declaration after the goods have been released:

  • A separate refund application is required where an amendment results in a reduction in liability.
  • If the CN code you declared on the original declaration is no longer valid, then AIS will no longer reject the amended declaration.
  • If C07 or C08 are declared on a H7, these details cannot be amended following the release of the goods. The declaration must be invalidated, and a new declaration lodged.

If you are the Declarant or an AIS Software Provider, you should take note of the following business rule changes which will result in some declarations being rejected:

  • If there is more than one H MRN on the I2 declaration.
  • Where a document type is required in the 'additional information' data element field (D/E 2/3) then both the document type and identifier must be provided.
  • Where a measurement unit is required, failure to reference the same measurement unit in the Net Mass field or supplementary unit field.
  • A H6 declaration where relief code C07 or C08 or 1C1 are used, will be rejected if the declared value of the goods exceeds the threshold relating to the relief code.

Other changes:

  • Where an invalidation request is lodged, the representative field is no longer validated.
  • Rule BR0020 which was incorrectly rejecting amendments is now fixed
  • A H7 must include either the Importer`s Identification No or 'NR' if not registered. If NR is present, then the importer`s name and full address is mandatory.

Further Information

Please note that all queries in relation to the PIT Test Environment must be raised via eCustoms PIT Helpdesk Dashboard

If you need further information, please contact either of the following:

Change Management Unit – email: here for more detailed information on the changes to the Business Rules.


Please find below link to updated Trader Specifications in relation to the coming release. The following changes will be reflected in Version 1.10 of the Trader Specifications.

1. Enhancements and Fixes:

The following updates will be deployed as part of this release:

MRN not moving forward after I2 was submitted in specific limited cases This issue has been resolved and declarations will move on to accepted once I2 is correctly submitted.

CN codes rejected on Amendment This issue has been resolved and amended declarations will accept the original CN code declared which was valid on the original date of submission. This is reflected in updates to BR0020.

Duplicate Transaction IDs used on MRNs referenced in the same I2 (IM432) message This issue was caused by MRNs from multiple H declarations being referenced in an I2. A new Business Rule has been introduced BR9998 stating only one MRN can be declared to resolve this issue.

Additional Reference Query on H7 When Type of Additional reference is filled, the reference number is also required. The new Business rule BR2048 has been created to resolve this issue.

H6 – Value Thresholds Where the value entered following use of relief codes C07, C08 or 1C1 exceeds the threshold then the declaration will be rejected. No refund requests required in cases where applicable In all cases where there is a reduction in liability and the payment method is either a) cash or b) deferred and after the 5th of the subsequent month, a Refund Request will now be required.

Importer Field on H7 DE '3/16 (13 04 017 000) Importer identification No.' is a required field. The EORI or Revenue Tax Registration of the importer or NR must be present here. Where NR is present then Name and Address are mandatory. Where, the Importer Identification number is present then the name and address information fields cannot be used.

CD0303 There was a defect in the processing of the unit ASV in DE 2/3 during the validation stage of submission. This was causing this rule to occur in error. This issue has now been resolved.

N103 This will check the ratio of DE 6/1 Net Mass per DE 6/2 Supplementary Unit. Please note where there is a requirement for a measurement unit in DE 2/3 in a declaration then this must correlate with the measurement unit declared in DE 6/2.

2. Business Rules:

3. Update to XSD's:

Please note there have been some minor updates to the XSD's. See AIS schema change Log for more detail.