AIS Go Live 23/11/20

Following the Customs Consultative Committee meeting on Friday 13th, Thyme-IT has received the e-mail message below from Irish Revenue regarding AIS go-live.

At the recent meeting of the Customs Consultative Committee (CCC), Revenue confirmed that AIS is going live on November 23 at 9am. Going live on this date will allow businesses time to test their systems and processes in advance of Brexit. Revenue recognises that this is a significant change for business and that they will require additional supports to assist them through the transition. In this regard, the eCustoms telephone helpline has re-opened and can be contacted on 01 738 3677 . Businesses can continue to send queries to the Helpdesk by email to: .

At the CCC meeting, Revenue was asked to consider allowing a period of dual running of our existing AEP system and the new AIS system. Trade representatives suggested that such an arrangement would facilitate operators in transferring their businesses to the new environment.

In light of this request and recognising the difficult environment that businesses are currently operating in, access to AEP for new declarations will be extended until Tuesday 15 December. We would however recommend that businesses move to AIS ahead of this deadline in order to ensure that business is fully migrated to AIS in advance of the closure of AEP and in sufficient time to ensure readiness for the equally important Brexit deadline of 1 January 2021.

Florance Carey, Chair of Customs Consultative Committee

Key points for companies that complete import customs declarations are as follows:

  1. The scheduled go-live of AIS will go ahead on Monday, November 23rd, as planned.
  2. The AEP Import system will remain in place and will allow for the declaration of import declarations to Irish Revenue until December 15th.

Thyme-IT will support both system from Monday next until December 15th. We will work with customers that wish to move to AIS and will ensure that the Thyme-IT solution is available to facilitate implementation of AIS as required.

To allow Thyme-IT to prepare for your AIS go-live, please let us know via e-mail to of your plans regarding AIS go-live and the timing of your planned transition to the new system. We will then assign resources based on your company’s schedule and ensure that the appropriate systems and data are in place to allow for your AIS go live.

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