Enhancements for Brexit

As part of our preparations for Brexit Thyme-IT has enhanced our C&E solutions to provide easier methods of uploading data to automatically create customs declarations.

The existing customs rules and procedures, based upon the current UCC, will provide for all customs declarations and movement of goods between Ireland and the UK.

Import & Export declarations to Irish Revenue and HMRC

If you export goods to the UK or import goods from the UK, then you will have to submit customs declarations after the transition period ends on 31/12/2020.

Thyme-IT have built additional interfaces to take customs data that will allow for the automatic creation of SADs.

  • The Thyme-IT SAD Item Upload allows commodity code details to be uploaded from a MS Excel spreadsheet to create SAD item details. This is required when you have many commodity codes on one SAD.
  • The Thyme-IT SAD XML API may be used to allow data to be transferred between your existing system and Thyme-IT to create SADs. This option closely integrates your system and Thyme-IT but does require work from your IT Team.
  • The Thyme-IT SAD Excel API may be used to upload customs data from MS Excel spreadsheet to create the complete SAD. Additional functionality is provided within the Thyme-IT system to allow declarations to be grouped and transport information to be easily updated.

Each SAD can then be sent to Customs automatically or reviewed before sending to Customs.

  • For Irish exports, the export SAD to Irish Revenue is created first, once Green routed we use the same data to create the import SAD to HMRC.
  • For UK exports, the export SAD to HMRC is created first, once Green routed we use the same data to create the import SAD to Irish Revenue.

NCTS (Transits)

If you ship goods through the UK to the EU then it’s anticipated that a transit declarations will be required. This will avoid the need for SADs, duties and delays at border crossings.

We have enhanced the transit creation process to allow the import of SAD data to create line items on the Transit Declaration. This is useful when goods are moving to a Temporary Storage Facility under Transit.

NCTS App (Transits)

We have released a new Thyme-IT App on Android. The Thyme-IT App is a solution specifically designed for companies that move goods under a transit declaration and will allow companies to streamline customs & logistics tasks to improve efficiency.

The App may be used by the authorised consignee to submit Arrival Notification messages to Irish Revenue or HMRC when goods arrive on a transit declaration at the authorised consignee’s premises.

The Arrival Notifications may be sent directly from the truck or security gate reducing the delay before receiving Unloading Permissions.

ICS (Safety and Security)

If you ship goods from GB to EU then a safety and security declaration will be required. The safety and security declaration is official known as the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) and is part of the Import Control System (ICS). This needs to be submitted before the vehicle boards the ferry.

We have enhanced the creation process to allow the import of SAD data to create line items on the Entry Summary Declaration.

The Thyme-IT solution allows the Entry Summary Declaration to be submitted to Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and most other EU countries. A safety and security declaration will be required for goods entering GB, and this will be included in the Thyme-IT solution, but this new system is not live until 01/07/2021.

AIS G3G4 (import manifest)

The Import eManifest, which is used by express, air and sea carriers is being replaced the G3G4 Presentation Notification & Temporary Storage Declaration on 23/11/2020. This declaration will also be used by all carriers when moving goods to a Temporary Storage Facility.

We have enhanced the creation process to allow the import of SAD data to create line items on the G3G4 declaration.


  • The G3G4 may also reference the MRN of pre-lodged SADs, when the G3G4 is accepted by Revenue the pre-lodged SADs will also receive their routing.
  • The above import of SAD data to the G3G4 will include population of the pre-lodged SAD MRN onto G3G4.

About Thyme-IT

Thyme-IT specialise in the development and implementation of mission-critical Customs & Excise solutions based on the latest web-based and handheld technology. All Thyme-IT’s C&E solutions are compliant with Irish Revenue & HMRC requirements.

If you have any questions regarding ROI & UK SAD Data Exchange, Brexit or would like more information on the Thyme-IT Customs & Excise solutions, please contact Steve Breen or the Thyme-IT C&E team at 01 206 0010 or at the email address below.