Irish & UK SAD Data Sharing

As part of adding the new UK SAD module within the Thyme-IT C&E Solution additional functionality is being added to allow efficient and time-saving data sharing between Irish & UK SADs. Once the data is entered once it can be shared as follows:

  • from the Irish SAD to the UK SAD
  • from the UK SAD to the Irish SAD

Post-Brexit all Exports from Ireland to the UK will need the following:

  • Export SAD to Irish Customs
  • Import SAD to UK Customs

Post-Brexit all Imports from UK to Ireland will required the following:

  • Export SAD to UK Customs
  • Import SAD to Irish Customs
  • Entry Summary Declaration for each Truck

Once the export SAD has been created, there is a new option which allows the import SAD to be created defaulting all relevant data from the import SAD. The following information is copied from the import SAD to the export SAD:

  • Consignor & Consignee
  • Invoice Value and Currency
  • Transport Identity and Nationality
  • Commodity Code, additional taric codes, supplementary units & goods description
  • Package details
  • Country of origin
  • Gross and Net weights

Once the import SAD is created, it can be easily reviewed and sent to either Irish Customs or HMRC. All responses from Irish Customs and HMRC are received and displayed within the Thyme-IT system.

If any rejection messages are received then corrections can be made within the Thyme-IT system and the SAD re-submitted to Irish Customs or HMRC.

This new UK SAD module is fully integrated into the Thyme-IT C&E Solution, so now you can create UK SADs, Irish SADs, NCTS, EMCS, ICS & eManifest all within the same system.

About Thyme-IT

Thyme-IT specialise in the development and implementation of mission-critical Customs & Excise solutions based on the latest web-based and handheld technology. All Thyme-IT’s C&E solutions are compliant with Irish Revenue & HMRC requirements.

If you have any questions regarding Irish & UK SAD Data Sharing, Brexit or would like more information on the Thyme-IT Customs & Excise solutions, please contact Steve Breen or the Thyme-IT C&E team at 01 206 0010 or at the email address below.