Preparations for Brexit

As part of our preparations for Brexit, and possibly a no-deal Brexit, Thyme-IT are in the process of enhancing our C&E solutions to provide easier methods of automatic SAD & T1 creation and closer links to UK Customs. The existing customs rules and procedures, based upon the current UCC, will provide for all customs declarations and movement of goods between Ireland and the UK.

AEP and ICS (Import / Export declarations)

If you export goods to the UK or import goods from the UK, it is likely you will have to submit customs declarations after the UK leave the European Union, which is planned for end of March 2019 unless a transition period is agreed.

Thyme-IT are in the process of building additional interfaces with our customers to take data that will allow for the automatic creation of SADs. Each SAD can be sent to Revenue automatically or reviewed before sending to Revenue.

For exports, the export SAD to Revenue is created first, once Green routed we can use the same data to create an import SAD to UK Customs. For imports, the export SAD to UK Customs is created first, once Green routed we can use the same data to create an import SAD to Revenue.

NCTS (Transits)

If you ship goods through the UK then it’s anticipated that a transit declaration will be required. This is based on the assumption that the UK will apply to join the Common Transit Area. This will avoid the need for SADs, duties and delays at border crossings.

We are currently designing the enhancements to our NCTS solution and we anticipate introducing a similar level of automation as provided for SADs.

EMCS (Movement of Excise Product within the EU)

Following the UK exit from the EU, it is expected that EMCS will no longer apply to the movement of duty-suspended excisable goods (Alcohol, Tobacco and Oil products) between the UK and other EU states. The EMCS transactions will be replaced by SAD or Transit declarations.

We are currently engaged with specific customers to implement the above enhancements which will streamline Customs & Logistics tasks to improve efficiency.

About Thyme-IT

Thyme-IT specialise in the development and implementation of mission-critical Customs & Excise solutions based on the latest web-based and handheld technology. All Thyme-IT’s C&E solutions are compliant with Irish Revenue & HMRC requirements.

If you have any questions regarding Brexit or would like more information on the Thyme-IT Customs & Excise solutions, please contact Steve Breen or the Thyme-IT C&E team at 01 206 0010 or at the email address below.